Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peach Jam Thursday Viewing Guide (Starting at 6pm)

Starting with 6pm when I arrive...

6pm - California Supreme vs Arkansas Wings

This match up pits two future NBA big men against each other - Bobby Portis and Marcus Lee. Both have great potential and play two difference styles. Lee is a better athlete, but he may have a tough time handling Bobby Portis's size. We also get to see how Parker Jackson-Cartwright handles finishing inside against a NBA sized frontline.

7:30pm - Boo Williams vs Team Final

This matchup is so good I am going to check it out on Thursday and Friday.

"Boo Williams is led by Anthony "Cat" Barber and Troy Williams, two guys I saw in Alexandria, and have another top 40 recruit for them playing on the perimeter. Allerick Freeman (#36) is what you call a power wing player and will have his best success in college. He holds offers from Duke, Ohio State, Kansas, UCLA, and Villanova. They will be going up against Rondae Jefferson's Team Final team. Jefferson against Troy Williams is the matchup I really want to see. Both are super athletic, long, and get after it on both ends of the court. Team Final also has a smart Northwestern commit at point guard, Jaren Sina (#74), that will attempt to stay in front of Barber. Good luck with that. Devon Hall  (#99) may be better for the job, another top 100 point guard heading to Virginia."

9pm Oakland Soldiers vs Team Final

My first look at Drew's younger brother, Aaron Gordon (#4) will be against another legitimate big man in Austin Colbert. Colbert is a project, but his length and athleticism should provide a decent test for Gordon. We also have a nice wing matchup to key in on - Rondae Jefferson's defense against the likes of Stanley Robinson (#27 of 2014) and Shaqquan Aaron (#35 of class of 2014). Keep an eye out for Davon Reed (#52) who may draw the tough cover on Jabari Bird (#11).


  1. Sina will have no problem with Barber. He outplays him everytime. You guys believe the hype!

  2. Thats why they ran a zone the whole time and Sina didn't score at all after he scored 4 quick points. He couldnt even get the ball past halfcourt against Cat.

  3. Cats team won one game. Barber way overrated. Dina has to play as a back up point guard on a very selfish team. Sina will be a better college player. Hands down. These scouting services are BS. Watch Sina in a structured setting. Dominates everytime. Read last week wS top scorer and assist guy at a very high profile HS team Elite camp with some of best HS teams on the east coast. Dominated in a real basketball environment not a AAU street game

    1. Oh on the quick four points comment. Exactly, scores 4 quick and completely gets looked off. If you didn't see that then your clueless!

  4. He scored a quick 4 points and then they switched Barber on him. No matter what type of game this is, it doesnt take away from the fact that Sina couldn't get past Barber. They are totally different types of players.

    Sina is smart and a good shooter. He passes the ball fairly well. Im sure you have seen him more than I have and can give a better scouting report, but Im not too concered on Sina. This is a site that focuses mainly on the NBA draft and Sina is not a NBA caliber player. He will have a fine college career. Definitely a good get by Northwestern.

    Barber is a real talent though and has NBA potential. He has a lot to work on and I laid in to him in one of my previous articles. But he has all the tools to be a NBA point guard.