Monday, July 23, 2012

Peach Jam Player Recaps - California Supreme and Arkansas Wings

Bobby Portis vs Marcus Lee

The first thing on my schedule Thursday was a matchup between these two power fowards, two guys I was really impressed with at the Nike Global Challenge. Lee is a great defender and Portis had been showing improvements to his offensive game. In this game though, Lee and California Supreme held Portis to a quiet night. Portis was 2-7 from the field with 9 point and 8 rebounds. Marcus Lee did a great job on defense, but even without Lee on him, Portis was quiet. He didn't get a chance to operate in the post much and didn't hit the glass hard to create his own opportunities. I saw Portis one other game this weekend and he had a similar quiet performance.

Marcus Lee turned in an efficient night, scoring 11 points on 4-4 shooting in only 19 minutes. He ran the court like a gazelle, blocked shots, and held his own strength wise in the post against Portis. He didn't get many touches, but showed some nice passes when he did. His offense is still very raw. Lee might have been the most impressive physical speciman I saw all weekend. He was noticeably longer and taller than Portis.

In another game I saw Lee play, Supreme made it a goal to get the ball inside to him in the post. When he gets position on the low block, he likes to fake right and finish on the left side with his left hand, but he mainly looks to pass. He is a great facilitator out of the post, always ready to find the open man as soon as the double comes. Lee's offensive game still needs a lot of work and he struggles mightily to finish through contact. I think he can develop a jumper down the road, his shot doesnt look too bad.

His brother or advisor was in the stands acting as the coach for Lee. Lee seemed very coachable and listened to what he had to say. His brother/advisor seemed like a very smart and articulate basketball mind just like Lee is. He seems to be in good hands. Lee also coached up his fellow big men, telling them to get their hands up in the post to deny the entry pass. He is a very calm, level headed individual. He keeps the ball up at all times where the defense can't strip it. He rarely brings the ball below his waist. 

While Portis was quiet on the court and didnt lead his team in the huddles, Moses Kingsley seemed to carry both roles. He was very impressive. Kingsley battled hard on the glass, drew fouls, and finished strong. He anchored the defense with 3 blocks. Tough kid. He played with great intensity and was the Wings' vocal leader. Kingsley should be getting more attention on a national level. There aren't many center prospects out there that are ready to step in and be a big player defensively like him.

Kingsley went up against Torren Jones on day one, who Id classify as a pre-game all star. He has a nice, strong build and is explosive. He has a swagger to him and legit size for a big man. Once the game started, Jones was out of control at times and lacked the fundamentals. He possesses a low basketball IQ and seems a little immature, but not someone who is a cancer or trouble maker. He plays hard though and is being recruited by big conference schools.

Nigel Williams-Goss ran the point for California Supreme. He has good size and strength for the position. Lorenzo Romar was in the stands for each of his games and he had to be impressed by his maturity and leadership. He is very poised and its hard to believe he is just going into his senior year of high school. On the court, he is able to use his body to get into the mid-range area where his game is the best. He is a tough cover for the small point guards we see in the AAU circuit. He has nice touch in the mid-range area and stays under control. He does a nice job changing speeds and using his body. While his first step isnt great, he doesnt need much to get the defender on his side as he is great at using his body for leverage. His explosiveness is also average, but he has really nice footwork when driving and is able to slow his body down to elevate a floater over the defense. He has the Euro step down. When he tries to finish amongst the trees, he can struggle but his frame helps handle contact. He isn't a true pure point guard, but he is smart and a good leader. Point guard is definitely his position through college and in the pros.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright played his sidekick yet again. He looks like a middle schooler out there. He wasn't spectacular like Aquille Carr is, but he plays hard and does the small things. He is a smart player and will be able to show his true point guard abilities in AAU next year with Nigel gone. He is a good passer and scrappy. Good kid. His quick hands and size make him great at stripping the ball from bigs and perimeter plays alike.

Dayshawn Watkins was also an impressive player for the Wings. He is an athletic point guard that knows how to score. He should start getting more mid-major offers after his weekend in North Augusta.

Jordan Matthews and Kris Yanku also looked good for the Supreme. Yanku has a strong frame and handles the ball well. He keeps his head up and can shoot and get to the hoop.

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