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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Scouting Report: Myck Kabongo

Height: 6'2''
Wingspan: 6'7''
Weight: 170
Bday: 1/12/1993

Team: Texas
Class of 2015

Kabongo stepped foot in Austin as McDonald's All-American, a potential one and done lottery pick, and their key to staying relevant in the Big 12. Texas was a young team in Kabongo's first season, with only 3 players on the roster with NCAA experience. He was one of the 5 freshman in the Longhorn's eight man rotation. Rick Barnes was their coach. He was forced to play next to a high usage combo guard who needed the ball in his hands.

After the above paragraph, its needless to say that Myck struggled his first season and will be turning to Austin for a second shot at a lottery campaign. Kabongo was unable to shoot above 40% from the floor and averaged 3 turnovers a game. Both him and his team struggled with inconsistency and ended up squeezing into the NCAA tournament before being ousted by Cincinnati in Round 1. 

It wasn't all bad for Kabongo. He was able to show off plenty of ability in his rookie year. He had at least 5 assists in his final 6 games before losing to the Bearcats. His passing skills are real and he showed at times why some compare him to Rajon Rondo. Kabongo is lightning quick and is able to get into the lane at will, drawing in defenders. Kabongo likes to go into the lane and hunt a shot for one of his teammates, always looking for a pass attempt before his own shot. He is able to force the ball into tight areas due to his deceptiveness, court vision, and velocity he puts on his passes. His biggest strength offensively is his ability to drive and kick. I also love how precision and amount of zip he puts on his passes. Kabongo is very creative when it comes to getting his teammates the ball. The Rondo comparisons are fair game.

Finding a point guard with elite athleticism and great passing ability is so hard to find these days and its also desired by every GM in the league. With Rondo and Westbrook headlining the league, Kabongo can benefit by looking like the next great eccentric point guard.

Kabongo is able to get into the lane with a great first step and a solid crossover. As I mentioned, he looks for his teammates first and foremost. His offensive game is very much lacking, as he struggles to stay balanced and under control when pulling up for jumpers off the dribble. He isn't a bad decision maker, nor does he take a bunch of bad shots - his shooting percentage is just so low due to his lack of mid-range game. Next year I hope he shows more of a floater.

His jumpshot is slow and has a hitch to it. Its not as bad as Rondo's was, but it needs redone. He can hit the 3-pt shot when he spots up and has the time. His free throw percentage sits at 68%, which is about where you'd expect it to be.

He's decent in the pick and roll, but can get much better in that area. He needs to get more aggressive and take advantage of his talents. He played too passive at times, although having J'Covan Brown at the off guard spot didnt help him. When Brown dominated the ball. Kabongo was out of place as he doesn't have the skills to play off of him. Kabongo could have had better numbers if he was able to consistently be the playmaker for the Longhorns. The subtraction of Brown next year alone should improve Kabongo's numbers.

Transition play is obviously a strength of Myck's, as he is super fast and looks to push the ball. In all the all-star contest following his high school career, Myck shined due to his ability to dominate in the open court. He can make plays for others or take it all the way to the rim himself.

Defensively, Kabongo has all the physical tools. He has great length, quick hands, and good lateral quickness. In college, he didn't always focus hard enough on stopping his man or he'd let his opponent go by him and try to slap the ball from behind to create an easy transition opportunity. That kind of defense isn't going to cut it in the pros. He needs to embrace the lockdown defender role.

Part of Kabongo's lack of success Id blame on Barnes. Barnes hasnt done a good job of showcasing any of his lottery talents, most recently Avery Bradley. Lots of his in game decision are questionable and Kabongo of all players, really needs the coaching to take his game to the next level. He has all the talent and plenty of skill, he just needs the right coach to put it all together.

In the NBA, Im confident he can find a more competent guy and Im also confident Kabongo will be a good player. With another shot at the lottery this season, I think Kabongo will take advantage of it and place himself among the top 14 picks. His potential is way too high to let him slip any lower.


  1. very good article about this precious PLAYER:)

  2. let the coach know he have a gifted player he have the responsability to improve is coaching skills