Sunday, July 15, 2012

USA Midwest Prospect Report

Billy Garrett - I thought Garrett ran an offense as well as any American at this event. You can tell he is the son of a coach. He has good size for a point guard and can score in a variety of ways. He isn't an elite athlete or shooter, but he changes speeds well. He can run the pick and roll and takes care of the ball. Looks to push it when he can. Boxes out on rebounds. He is going to be a nice player, but unfortunately, his talents may not be as appreciated at a school like DePaul. DePaul is looking for someone to save their team and Garrett is more of a guy that will do the important things to help an already good team. He could end up being a solid player of DePaul and never heard from again, but I hope that isn't the case. He is a good point guard.

Wes Clark - The biggest thing Clark showed me on Saturday is toughness. I know the college coaches that were watching were impressed. He is strong for a guard and rebounded the ball very well. He plays under control on offense and showed signs of a mid-range game. He was solid, but didn't stand out. The college coach that gets him will be pleased because he should be in college for all four years.

Rondae Jefferson - Jefferson came to play this weekend and brought an intensity that was unrivaled. Loved the way he got after it on defense. He was a real pest on that end, staying up in defenders face, yelling and screaming, and mirroring their every move. His defense reminds me of a guy like Roscoe Smith. His offense is coming along but is mainly based on his athleticism and hustle. He needs to become a better shooter. He does do a good job of handling in the open court and playing unselfish. Nice team guy that can be in the NBA with a bit of work. He definitely has the size and athleticism.

JaJuan Johnson - Johnson has really long arms, but a slender frame and base for a shooting guard. He was a better athlete than I gave him credit for, nearly completing a 360 dunk during the game. He rose up on another occasion for an emphatic slam. Johnson's bread and butter is his slashing game, where he is a creative driver and finisher. Getting to the bucket and finishing - thanks to explosiveness and creativeness - should continue to be a big strength down the road. He does need to add strength to his frame and add a midrange game to keep opponents honest. He's not a one and done player, but can work his way into the first round with a few good college seasons. He needs to prove he is a winning player.

Nick King - King got off to a real hot start by draining two threes and converting an easy 2. Im still unsure what to think of his offensive game. He is a good spot up guy and finishes strong, but doesnt offer much in terms of creating his own shot. He turned the ball over too much with that ball in his hands. King played hard and seems like he has good character. He should be in college for a few seasons.

Moses Kingsley - Kingsley was probably the best shot blocker at the event. He is long, athletic, strong, and plays hard. He doesn't have an offensive game, but is a defensive ace. He does rely on his shot blocking too much, sometimes allowing the opposition to get good position to bait them into a shot. He will be at Huntington Prep next year with Wiggins where he can continue to focus on being a great role player, but should add some offensive moves in college in order to get to the NBA since he lacks elite height.

Marc Loving - The future Ohio State forward was rather unimpressive at the event. He isn't the athlete some of these other guys are and didn't have much of an opportunity to show his offensive game since he was stuck in the pivot. He should fit in better in a more structured Ohio State offense, but his game isn't cut out for the NBA right now.

Bobby Portis - Portis has legit size for a PF and can even slide over and play center in college/NBA. He plays hard and stays in the post. He was the best rebounder at the event, pulling down 17 boards in one game. He was constantly working for post position, staying low and using his strong lower body to create space. His post game is farther along than most bigs, and he was one of the few big men at the event that made his presence felt in the post at the offensive end. He has some skills and is comfortable playing inside. Good hands too. He needs to finish better, which comes down to concentration for him. He missed a dunk and he seems like the type of guy who gets down on himself. But its good that he has high expectations. I have high expectations for him as well, I could see him in the NBA sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see if playing at Arkansas helps or hurts his draft status. A lot will be expected out of him so his offensive game needs to continue to develop. He wont be able to just do the dirty work there.

James Young - Young burst into the game and immediately stood out. He played a little flashy, making some mistakes, but showed off plenty of talent. He has great range on his jumper and has the ability to get it off whenever he wants. He is a great athlete as well and has no problem getting to the rim. It looks like his mid-range game with subsequently have no problem developing either. I thought his scouting report sounded like Xavier Henry's, but Young is more athletic and a lot more crafty. He is a complete offensive player and can pass the ball as well. James Young is a potential one and done recruit.


  1. So playing at arkansas will hurt or help bobby potis status no love for the hogs

    1. It depends. Say if he went to Kentucky, if he just pulled down 10 boards a game and played his role he would be an easy first round pick. At Arkansas, he won't be a first rounder right away as easy unless he is one of their top offensive guys. Scouts find talent either way, but if he is given an offensive role and cant handle it, they will have reason to doubt. If he carries Arkansas though, look out.

  2. I was very honored to be the public address announcer for the Nike Global Challenge! This was a wonderful event!