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Monday, November 12, 2012

A Quick Rundown of Caldwell-Pope's First Half

The ESPNU announcer for the Georgia/Youngstown State game has been analyzing every move from Caldwell-Pope and criticizing everything he does like the worst kind of sports parent. Georgia certainly deserves criticism as they are trailing 25-14 at half, but Caldwell-Pope has teammates and they aren't doing their job.

If it wasn't for Caldwell-Pope they wouldn't even have a FIELD GOAL in the first half. He had all three of their fields goals and at the 2:37 marker had 7 of their 8 total points. Here are his scoring plays:

1) Caldwell-Pope hits a 3 off the dribble, starting shaded to the right side of the arc and then heading left to the top of the key

2) KCP starts at the same place and moves left but this time takes advantage of a pick and shows nice burst - taking it all the way to the rim to finish with his left hand

3) After missing another 3 and then failing to convert a right handed lay-up attempt that was setup by a nice spin move cut at the top of the arc, Caldwell-Pope receives a set play where he curls around to the left baseline and hits a long 2 off the screen. Picture perfect play as he didnt waste any motions

4) Caldwell-Pope didn't make any more field goals, but did get fouled when Youngstown State was in the penalty and sunk both free throws. He missed an early in the shot clock three and also blew a open lay-up in the break after he came up with a steal and then was taken out with under a minute left after he fouled a jump shooter.

That was the second time Caldwell-Pope was pulled early from the game, as he was also the first starter to sub out. I wasn't liking his body language and apparently the coach wasn't either. Second half time!

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