Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Mock Draft With Updated Trades and Team Needs!

1. Washington Wizards - SO Cody Zeller, C, Indiana

Wizards have their backcourt set with Wall and Beal and need a reliable scorer inside. Chris Singleton has actually been one of their better players this year at the power forward position and Vesely still shows signs inside, so finding a skilled big to compliment them would be a good choice.

2. Detroit Pistons - FR Shabazz Muhammad, SG, UCLA

Pretty easy choice for the Pistons. They need a wing badly and their inside is set with Drummond and Monroe.

3. Sacramento Kings - FR Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma State

This may be a reach, but only time will tell as the season pans out. What is evident is the Kings need help on the perimeter and Smart is a the kind of young talent that is mature enough to take a leadership role.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - FR Steven Adams, C, Pittsburgh

Cavs could go in a number of directions with their team, but with Andersen Varejao under contract until at least 2014, they can afford to take a project at center.

5. Toronto Raptors (to Oklahoma CIty) - FR Nerlens Noel, F/C, Kentucky

Look who is picking in the top 5 again, the Thunder! A shooting guard would be ideal here, but they do have Jeremy Lamb who has potential. They could make a bit of a surprise pick ala Westbrook and elect for McLemore, but Noel is a more realistic option at this point. With Perkins underperforming  and Thabeet logging minutes, they could want a new center to groom.

6. Orlando Magic - 1992 Rudy Gobert, F/C, Cholet

With Big Baby, Nicholson, and Al Harrington under contract for the next few years, the Magic have nice potential scoring options at one big man spot. Having a guy to do the small things and finish around the rim would be a nice compliment. If the Magic are still shy about drafting international guys, Poythress could fill the void at the 3.

7. Phoenix Suns - FR Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas

The Suns were unable to get a shooting guard last year and still desperately need one. McLemore should rise the draft boards soon enough.

8. New Orleans Hornets - FR Alex Poythress, F, Kentucky

The Hornets really need help scoring, but there aren't many options available around the perimeter. Poythress may not be a great scorer, but will be another player for the Hornets to build around. He will be an instant upgrade of Aminu.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - SO James Michael McAdoo, PF, North Carolina

Usually when the Bobcats take a UNC guy its viewed as a publicity thing, but McAdoo would be great value here. His feel on the offensive end and awareness on defense would pair well with BIyombo and it seems the Cats have found their PG and SF of the future.

10. Portland Trailblazers - SO Tony Mitchell, F, North Texas

I know Portland wants to keep Aldridge at power forward, but they drafted Leonard last year and have to allow him to develop. Mitchell has a huge upside and they can use his athleticism inside. He gives them different look and more importantly, an asset down the road.

11. Utah Jazz - FR Rasheed Sulaimon, G, Duke

I may be a bit ahead on Sulaimon, but its better to be proactive than reactive. I'd rather not mirror other sites nor do I want to throw random names out for shock value. I truly think Sulaimon has potential lottery talent whether he leaves this year or not. The Jazz are going to need some help in the backcourt.

12. Indiana Pacers - SO Trey Burke, PG, Michigan

Pacers need to shake things up and it starts at point guard. Burke is a pure point who can score and also learns quick. He could eventually allow Hill to return to his combo guard role where he is more comfortable.

13. Houston Rockets - JR Andre Roberson, F, Colorado

Its funny to see the Rockets draft another PF, but it is their least productive position. Maybe if they let one guy run with the spot it would be better, but eventually they have to strike gold. Roberson's athleticism is game changing and he can play the 3 alongside a good scorer like Harden too. Morey should be impressed by his rebounding numbers.

14. Golden State Warriors (to Utah) - SO Adonis Thomas, SF, Memphis

Utah on the clock again and still looking for some perimeter help. With Hayward playing a lot of SG, Thomas could potentially be the future starter next to him. He's a big, physical SF - something it seems Utah likes with their fascination of big lineups.

15. Denver Nuggets - SO Alex Len, F/C, Maryland

Koufos is running out of time and Len is one of the better players still left on the board. They need a big that could turn into a back to the basket threat.

16. Atlanta Hawks - FR Archie Goodwin, SG, Kentucky

Hawks are basically starting from scratch and building around Horford so anyone with talent will do. Goodwin is viewed as a top ten talent by most so this is great value.

17. Philadelphia 76ers (to Miami) - JR Reggie Bullock, G/F, North Carolina

Bullock doesn't have a high ceiling, but as a role player, there aren't many more fit to step in a play a role. Miami just need wing players who can defend, run the court, and shoot 3s and thats exactly what Bullock will do.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves (to Phoenix) - SO Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG, Georgia

They got a game changer at shooting guard in McLemore, but that doesn't mean they cant add a knock down shooter as well. Both players will be needed to sure up the Suns' rotation.

19. Milwaukee Bucks - FR Isaiah Austin, F/C, Baylor

Dont worry Bucks fans, Im sure your pick will be higher than this too. But hey, Austin could still be in the mix if this was in the lottery - he's good value here. Have another skinny player with small bone structure.

20. Chicago Bulls - SR CJ McCollom, G, Lehigh

Word is the Bulls have Bellinelli, Hinrich, and Nate Robinson all playing way too many minutes. Here is some better offense off the bench and a guy that can play some point guard.

21. Dallas Mavericks (to Oklahoma City) - JR Doug McDermott, F, Creighton

Maybe Doug can add a new element to their team. I figure they have too many projects to take on already.

22. Boston Celtics - JR Mike Moser, F, UNLV

Mike Moser is a really good basketball player and his versatility and productivity would be valued off Boston's bench. I think learning from Paul Pierce would be a big help.

23. Los Angeles Lakers (to Cleveland) - SO Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown

They have scorers at the other two perimeter positions so this is a team that Otto Porter could flourish on. I had a hard time finding a good spot for Porter to go, although I like his game. He needs a good fit.

24. Brooklyn Nets - SR Mason Plumlee, F/C, Duke

I can picture Plumlee on the Nets for some odd reason. His rebounding and hustle would be much appreciated next to Brook Lopez.

25. San Antonio Spurs - 1994 Dario Saric, F, KK Zagreb

Saric is a draft and stash based on his contract, but with his talent, the Spurs will eventually find a way to use him.

26. Los Angeles Clippers - FR Glen Robinson III, SF, Michigan

Butler and Odom aren't cutting it, Robinson has advanced knowledge for a freshman on how to play and can develop into a real piece for the Clippers.

27. Oklahoma City Thunder - FR Rodney Purvis, SG, North Carolina State

Thunder can now take a chance on a shooting guard. Purvis can get to the rim better than Jeremy Lamb and has a good stroke from deep as well.

28. New York Knicks - JR Ray McCallum, PG, Detroit

The Knicks have managed to scrap together a solid group of older point guards this year, but still need someone who can lead the team and stretch the defense in the future. McCallum has the range and the schooling to be able to run the Knicks down the line.

29. Memphis Grizzlies (to Minnesota) - SR Elijah Johnson, G, Kansas

Johnson would give the Twolves more athleticism and versatility at the guard position as well as a deep threat.

30. Miami Heat (to Phoenix) - FR Anthony Bennett, F, UNLV

Shooter with a big frame that can help spread the floor.

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