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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Draft Day Mock Draft

1. New Orleans Hornets - Anthony Davis

The only thing I know for sure.

2. Charlotte Bobcats - Thomas Robinson

Robinson is the pick if they Bobcats dont trade out. Beal will be the pick otherwise.

3. Washington Wizards - Bradley Beal

Wizards will pray Beal falls to them here.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Best player, character, and wing on the board. And also Kyrie's closest friend of the remaining players available.

5. Sacramento Kings - Harrison Barnes

This pick may be traded, but Barnes is BPA.

6. Portland Trailblazers - Damian Lillard

Blazers love Lillard and he looks likely to be the pick here.

7. Golden State Warriors - Dion Waiters

Waiters has seen his stock rise lately and the Warriors are a top landing spot.

8. Toronto Raptors - Austin Rivers

Theyd rather Barnes, Lillard, or Waiters but will settle for Rivers. In this scenario, they could trade the pick for a team wanting Drummond.

9. Detroit Pistons - Andre Drummond

Drummond is BPA and Pistons need a big. John Henson is the pick if hes off the board.

10. New Orleans Hornets - Moe Harkless

Hes been quiet, watch out for him to surprise and become a lottery pick.

11. Portland Trailblazers - Meyers Leonard

I stand by early reports that the Blazers really like Leonard as well.

12. Houston Rockets - Tyler Zeller

Typical Rocket pick.

13. Phoenix Suns - Jeremy Lamb

Suns pass on Marshall in order to get a adequate defender.

14. Milwaukee Bucks - John Henson

Bucks didnt imagine Henson being here and traded back for Dalembert, theyll be pleasantly surprised if hes still on the board.

15. Philadelphia 76ers - Kendall Marshall

Does Collins want a guy that can deal with his coaching or a guy he thinks his coaching can fix? The former, look for Marshall or Sullinger. The latter, he could go with Perry Jones.

16. Houston Rockets - Terrence Ross

Rockets get the BPA and fill a need. Ross makes sense here.

17. Dallas Mavericks - Evan Fournier

Mavs need a wing with good size.

18. Houston Rockets - Jared Sullinger

Rockets have been plenty active and have the picks to take chances. Maybe theyve been a team slandering Sullinger.

19. Orlando Magic - Perry Jones

The former Thunder GM goes with a extremely long and talented forward who is unselfish. Perry Jones can be of good value here as a super role player.

20. Denver Nuggets - Terrence Jones

Nuggets go for talent and have a potential replacement for Al Harrington. They need a forward to score.

21. Boston Celtics - Royce White

Late rumors they trade up for Rivers, they should stay and capitalize on a deep draft.

22. Boston Celtics - Andrew Nicholson

Local product with an actual post game.

23. Atlanta Hawks - Draymond Green

Hawks get another versatile player, a guy Larry Drew can appreciate.

24. Cleveland Cavaliers - Doron Lamb

Cavs close out their backcourt. Add MKG and teammate Lamb.

25. Memphis Grizzlies - Marquis Teague

Teague has too much potential to slip much farther.

26. Indiana Pacers - Quincy Miller

Talent wins out here. They can gamble.

27. Miami Heat - Fab Melo

Heat get lucky with Melo slipping.

28. Oklahoma City Thunder - Arnett Moultrie

Moultrie can provide what they havent had since Jeff Green left.

29. Chicago Bulls - Tyshawn Taylor

They need a ball handler bad, and Taylor will make a good back up PG once Rose comes back.

30. Golden State Warriors - Jeff Taylor

Best SF left. This pick could be traded.

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