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Friday, June 29, 2012

2012 NBA Draft Undrafted Free Agents

Here is a look at my top undrafted players and the teams that are rumored to be after them...

Drew Gordon (#26 on my Big Board) - Gordon was a first round talent in my opinion. Hes your typical steal in the second round - a hard working guy on the glass, strong, and a good defender. As a bonus, Gordon can even play some offense. He'll be heading to the Dallas Mavericks for summer league.

JaMychal Green (#38) - Green has everything needed to be an NBA role player. He can hit the short jumper, is an effective finisher, and plays good defense. He's surprisingly strong for his weight, but does need to get bigger. He can play a bit of center at the NBA level. No word on where he could be headed. Knicks and Kings both worked him out during the pre-draft and could bring him back on the summer league roster. So do the Bucks, but I dont think they have room for another skinny shot blocker.

Hollis Thompson (#39) - Hollis Thompson played in that Georgetown offense that didt allow him to truly exert himself. He's got James Jones potential and could provide some shooting to any team in need. Heat, Knicks, Sixers, Bulls, Wizards, and Raptors all saw him for workout for them. It'll be tough for him to make a team.

Scott Machado (#40) - I wasnt too high on Machado, but I can see him as a long time back up point guard ala Kevin Ollie. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Bobcats, Cavaliers, Hawks, Hornets, Raptors, and Rockets are all interested in his services.

Henry Sims (#46) - Sims has center size and center skills. Hes a very good passer who can operate in the post and has high character. No reason he couldnt be a third center for somebody. Hawks, Clippers, Raptors, and the Hornets are options. Hawks and Hornets make the most sense.

William Buford (#47) - Buford has been a good player for years on the Ohio State teams and can really shoot it. He's improved other areas of his game too and has good size. Magic, Grizzlies, or Kings could be landing spots - the first two being better choices.

Dee Bost (#54) - Bost flashes ability all the time with great scoring instincts. He has good size too, the only problem is he isnt a true point guard. He could be one of the sleepers that nobody is talking about as a sleeper. Knicks or Raptors would be a nice landing spot. Grizzlies and Hornets also worked him out.

John Shurna (#57) - I thought Shurna could be this years Jon Leuer. His ugly jumper is very effective and he's a tough player from the Big Ten. Ive heard he already has plenty of summer league options, Id just recommend that he doesnt go to Houston. The Blazers or Clippers both look like good options.

Maalik Wayns (#58) -  Wayns made my rankings based on potential. A Philly point guard with a good body that can get to the hoop and has no real character questions isn't a bad bet. He could be a starter down the road. Jazz and Timberwolves had him in for workouts.

Honorable mentions go to Cameron Moore and Kevin Jones.

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