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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reggie Jackson Has a Promise?

It was first speculated by TheKnicksBlog that the Celtics guaranteed Reggie Jackson on May 6th. That must have been a heck of a guess. Shortly there after, Reggie Jackson pulled himself out of both the New Jersey workout and the Chicago pre-draft camp.

A source close to Reggie Jackson's camp was quoted saying, “Danny’s already guaranteed him. He saw a ton of games at BC this year.”

Ainge was apparently at the North Carolina State game where Jackson had 28 points.

When I did my breakdown the Celtics team needs, I counted out them taking another defensive minded point guard since they already have Rondo and Bradley. But then again, Ainge just can't seem to get enough of that type of player.

In 2003, Ainge took another BC guard (Troy Bell) in the first round - only to be traded later that night.

He also has a history with guarantees. He promised Oriene Green in the second round only to have Amir Johnson slip to his draft spot. Even though he wanted Johnson, Ainge honored his word and picked Greene.

I don't blame Ainge for guaranteeing Jackson, whether he fills a need or not. Jackson's value should be a lot higher than #25 and Ainge tried to take advantage of the fact that many scouts didn't get out to see him this year. He would be a complete steal at #25.

Looking at it for Jackson's perspective, it would make sense that if he had a guarantee, it would be from the Celtics. It would keep him local, on a contending team, and surrounded by veteran leaders. There are few teams with the Celtics aura that would cause Jackson to want to place all his chips in one basket. Still, Jackson has a chance to raise his stock much higher if he changes his mind and participates in workouts. Either way, when scouts go back to look at tape, there is a good chance they will still take him above #25 based off game film alone.

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