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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Miami Heat Team Needs

Miami Heat

Draft Picks -

Team Needs - PG, C, shooting

Draft History Under Pat Riley (picks that were kept)
2010 - Dexter Pittman (#32), Jarvis Varnado (#41), Da'Sean Butler (#42)
2009 - Patrick Beverley (#42), Robert Dozier (#60)
2008 - Michael Beasley (#2), Mario Chalmers (#34)
2007 - Daequan Cook (#21)
2006 - N/A
2005 - Wayne Simien (#29)
2004 - Dorell Wright (#19), Albert Miralles (#40), Matt Freije (#54)
2003 - Dwayne Wade (#5), Jerome Beasley (#33)

Current Projected 2011-12 Roster

PG -
SG - Dwayne Wade/Mike Miller
SF - LeBron James
PF - Chris Bosh/Udonis Haslem
C - Joel Anthony/Dexter Pittman

Whether the Heat bring in some more ring chasers or resign their own, their positions of need will remain the same. The Heat are obviously set at SG, SF, and PF. To complement them, a point guard who can shoot and a big man who can clean up trash are both welcomed. Defense and character also should be present. If they can't re-sign James Jones, they could also go for a wing shooter.

Pat Riley loves his college players. While many times the team with the first pick of the second round chooses an international player, Riley most likely will not. And with his current roster, it is hard to blame him. He needs to find a player who can contribute now and believe it or not, there are some players in the second round that could help the Heat.

The point guard position is strong around this part of the draft. Riley likes PGs with prototypical size who will get after it defensively.

Nolan Smith could be there. As a proven winner, Nolan Smith would be a great fit. He's not the most pure point guard, but in Miami he doesn't have to be. He will fill his role by hitting outside shots and playing defense. He's compared by some to Mario Chalmers.

Shelvin Mack and Ben Hansbrough can bring similar "winners" attitudes and quality shooting to the Heat. Hansbrough is an interesting fit and it wouldn't be the first time Pat Riley went with a Notre Dame point guard (Chris Quinn). Hansbrough is an excellent spot up shooter and would not be intimidated playing with the Big Three. His defense isn't great individually, but the Heat's excellent help defense will help cover for him. He, himself, knows how to play quality help defense.

Malcolm Lee is another option. He is not as polished offensively as Smith or Mack, but he can be a terrific defensive player. Some think of him more as a SG, but he would be perfect as a point next to Wade and LeBron. A consisent three point shot is in the works - if he gets that down, he is the perfect fit for Miami.

I think Iman Shumpert is a notch below these guys, but his stock is rising on some boards out there. It is scary to think of a defense led by three elite athletes like Shumpert, Wade, and LeBron but Shumpert has little offensive game to add. While Lee isnt an offensive player either, he manages to take care of the ball and make good decisions. The same can not be said for Shumpert.

Two other guys to mention are Charles Jenkins and Drew Goudelock. Jenkins is an incredibly efficient scorer who is in-between positions at 6'3. Playing besides LeBron and Wade would ease that transition for him. He is built sort of like Wade, thriving off getting to the hoop with his stocky frame. He also can keep teams honest with his shot and is an ideal teammate. As for Goudelock, he would be viewed as a boring choice for the Heat. He doesn't offer as much potential in terms of starting as any of the other guys, but he has one skill that stands out - his shooting.

With so many options out there at point guard, I truly believe the Heat will end up going that route. The centers available in this area aren't ready to contribute in the upcoming season. There also aren't any big time shooting wings projected early second round either - #31 might be too high for Jon Diebler.

Miami Heat Big Board
1. Ben Hansbrough
2. Malcolm Lee
3. Nolan Smith
4. Shelvin Mack
5. Charles Jenkins
6. Andrew Goudelock
7. Iman Shumpert


  1. What about Nikola Vucevic as a Center? Do you think that he will be there at 31?

  2. I don't expect him to be there. If he is, he would be a big steal.

    I think the centers they'd likely be choosing from would be Keith Benson, Jeremy Tyler, Jordan Williams, Michael Dunigan, and Greg Smith though. None of those guys are NBA ready at this point.