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Friday, April 5, 2013

Montrose Christian vs Findlay Prep Scouting Notes

Ishmail Wainwright (#60 ESPN, #52 Scout, #63 Rivals) - Wainwright is built like a bull, with perhaps the widest shoulders ever seen on a high school basketball player. He runs a lot of point for Montrose even though he is definitely a small forward at the next level. Montrose likes him to handle the ball and slow down the tempo and try to outmuscle teams. Wainwright himself isn't a very good ball handler, but uses his body well to protect the ball and get where ever he wants to on the court. His lack of handling skills showed in the first half against Nigel Williams-Goss and he turned the ball over a total of 6 times in those 16 minutes. In the second half, Wainwright operated more off the ball and was more aggressive scoring than I've ever seen him. He was able to get position anywhere he wanted to and muscled up a lot of mid-range jumpers with 15 feet that he got to go down. Wainwright appears to have good touch on his shots, but doesn't get great elevation as he really relies on his size to get him enough room. Wainwright is also a great defender and leader and that is what he will be able to bring to Baylor. Im worried about how his offensive game will translate at the next level, but he will be a great guy to have on the team and should be a steady player who will do the dirty work. He's a warrior.

Nigel Williams-Goss (#20 ESPN, #61 Scout, #48 Rivals) - Goss absolutely took the game over in the second half to give his teamt he victory and preserve Findlay's 53 game win streak. When you talk about Williams-Goss, the terms winner is the first thing that comes to mind. He is a tough competitor, great leader, and a very mature kid who has been playing  in a high level environment at Findlay for 4 years (he's the first player to play 4 years on varsity at Findlay). During his second half run, Williams-Goss was able to score in the lane with floaters, in the post, with jumpers, and get to the foul line. Every possession he went down and just made something happen. In college, some of his size and strength advantages will be taken away, but Williams-Goss is the type that will be able to adjust. He adjusted to the defense Wainwright played on his in the first half  to score 16 points in the 2nd half. Williams-Goss will struggle at times in college getting by defenders as he isn't blessed with quickness and he also isn't a prolific jump shooter or elite passer. But in terms of basketball, Williams-Goss lives and breaths the game.


  1. This is silly. Not sure you've watched Wainright play more than once. He is considered an excellent ball handler and a work-in-progress on his jump shot. He ran the point for his high school team most of the year and is expected to play a combo at Baylor. Always disappoints me when scouts try to assess everything on one game.

    1. Im from Maryland, Ive seen Wainwright play multiple times. While he did run point, it doesnt mean he is a good ball handler. No HS PG could get anywhere near the ball with the way he uses his body - its almost unfair. I dont think his game translates very well even though hes an outstanding HS player. Hes too slow to be a combo. I'll be happy to revisit this next year after he rides the bench all year.