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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Video Highlights of Alex Len vs Delaware State

Alex Len had a quiet game against Delaware State as Maryland had no problem dismantling the MEAC school. Len was able to get easy looks in the post, but only came away with 6 points in 17 minutes. Maryland likes to have him set down screens in order for him to establish initial position and Delaware State didn't put much effort into making it hard for Len to get position down low. Len had multiple good looks, but had a few lay-up attempts fall off of the rim.

The thing to watch in these highlights is Len's defense. You can get a better sense if you watch the complete game, but in the video below you can see a bit of his struggles. Len had four fouls, none of which prevented the opponent from still getting the bucket. He looked slow and unmotivated going after loose balls and was beaten multiple times on the offensive glass. He got a block shot, but still ended up giving up the points. And his block shot came on a play where the defender had him backed down all the way to the rim. He only recorded 2 rebounds in this game, both which fell into his lap. These are the kind of things I worry about when watching Len. Yes he has a great skillset, but the NBA needs their centers to provide toughness, defense, and rebounding.

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