Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scouting Report: Aquille Carr

Aquille Carr
Class of 2013
17 years old
Patterson High School
Baltimore, Maryland

Aquille Carr has taken the city of Baltimore by storm with his encore performance to his freshman season that saw him average 25.5ppg. This season, as only a sophomore, he led Patterson to the 4A finals where they were ultimately defeated, but not from lack of effort from Carr, who dropped 27 points. He's an interesting player, and while his future outside of high school is a question mark, there is no debating he's on track to having one of the best high school careers ever in Charm City.

Carr is an electrifying point guard that gets to the basket at will and delivers flashy passes. His quickness, ball handling, and explosiveness are all off the charts. At only 5'6'', he is able to dunk the ball. At this point, his shot is poor, but it doesnt matter at the high school level. He is able to split double teams, squeezing his small frame through non-existent holes, and ultimately get to the hoop. He is super aggressive and will try to fit through even the slightest seem. Many times he will momentarily lose control of the ball on the way to the hoop, only to recover it himself before anyone else reacts. His size comes in handy for that reason - he can lose control of the ball, but pick it up before anyone else has a chance to bend over to recover it.

Once Carr recovers the ball, he is able to finish among the trees with his strength and explosiveness. He's a great leaper, who doesnt need a lot of momentum to get off the ground. He draws contact so consistently, referees have trouble blowing their whistle each time. His touch at the rim needs work, as he is not automatic, but its good for a high level high school player. If he misses his first attempt, dont count out the little man on the boards - he averaged 8 rebounds per game in his freshman year. He is absolutely relentless in following his missed shots with the determination of getting the ball back. Sometimes an opposing big will come down with his miss, but he will be on the ground waiting for him to lower the ball below his waist. His quick hands (averaged 5.3 spg as a freshman), determination, and strength have ripped the ball from the opposition more times than once.

Its tough to nitpik a sophomore in high school  to this degree, but he is very old for his class and is far from a complete player. He plays at full speed the whole game. If he can learn to change up his tempo, his scoring prowess will get that much scarier. Right now he is impossible to keep out of the lane, but he can be wild at times. A more in control Carr would equal less charges and more respect from referees. It also would allow him to set up his teammates in situations other than his occasional spectacular assist. He is undeniably a scoring guard, but his passing game will need to develop more for future success. On his current team, there is little structure and guidance, though, so it could benefit him by working on his game under a better coach. His teammates are solid athletes, but like Carr, the play fast and are careless with the ball.

Defensively, Carr shows good effort and has the tools to stay in front of his man. He tends to gamble, but he comes away with the ball enough to make it worth his team's while. His height is a factor that will be with him forever and guys will be able to post him up and shoot over him at will. He has a nice strength base, though, so he can develop the kind of strength that has granted Earl Boykins decent results defending the post.

Word is that Maryland has a lot of interest in Aquille and surely other teams will get involved soon. I'm not sure powerhouse teams will want him at his current state, but he has the potential to put up big numbers in any major conference.


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